Eurocontrol E-Learning Program

As a method of training, e-learning offers a variety of benefits such as delivery at a pace ideally suited to the students’ individual progress. This improves the retention of the learned contents as well as the students’ motivation. In addition costs are reduced due to the easy accessibility of e-learning at any place or any time.

Since November 2011 Eurocontrol is offering an e-learning program for A-CDM, which can be used perfectly to supplement trainings. The program consists of three different modules. The main benefit is that each module was designed for a different user group. Hence the user can choose and work with the module that serves his needs the best.  


1. Introduction to A-CDM:

  • General overview
  • No registration required
  • Suitable for managers with limited time


2. A-CDM Concept Elements:

  • Detailed description of A-CDM concept elements
  • Registration required (free of charge)
  • Suitable for managers who want to introduce A-CDM at their airport


3. Operational specific modules:

  • Description of the A-CDM modules from the view of each operational area
  • Registration required (free of charge)
  • Operational staff:

                - Air Traffic Controller Module
                - Aircraft Operator Ground Staff Module
                - Airport Operator Module
                - Ground Handler Module
                - Pilots