Minimum Turn-Round Time

Please provide the Minimum Turn-Round Time (MTTT) to Frankfurt Airport:

  • The MTTT equates to the minimum turn-round time for a flight. It is stored as master data in the AODB INFOplus. The MTTT indicates the duration of the turn-round process of a flight in dependence to aircraft type, aircraft operator and the route classification.
  • The Aircraft Operator is obliged to provide the MTTT to the Flightscheduling Department, Airside Coordination Data Center (ACDC) of Fraport for all flights and for each new flight plan period (according to the "Regulation for the usage of the airport", Guidelines for the customers G.5.1.4 Traffic management).
  • The MTTT is an important parameter for the calculation of target times within Airport-CDM. It is a prerequisite for a flight to take part in the Airport-CDM process. Should the MTTT not be delivered within the set deadline the Flight Plan Office will generate a substitute from operational data of the previous flight season and store this data in the AODB.