Changes in the CSA-Tool

18.09.2013 - New color codes for A-CDM status "RDY" and "RTS"

Starting on 18th September 2013 the A-CDM status

  • "RDY" will have a transparent background (not colored anymore)
  • "RTS" will have a red backround

11.04.2013 - Saving of User Settings after End of Session

Individual CSA tool user settings that were carried out during a session, will be saved in the browser cookies starting April 15th, 2013. When a new session is started by the same windows user profile, the application will reload the individual settings of the preceding session.

Requirement of this function is that the saving of cookies has been activated in the browser settings before. This is a standard setting in the common internet browsers.

The following settings, which can be adjusted in the graphical user interface (GUI) will be saved in the inter-net-browser ’s cookies at the end of the session and are available after a new session start of the same windows user:

  • Home Windows selected: Inbound, Outbound, Airport-Information
  • selected columns and column sorting in Home Windows Inbound and Outbound
  • selection of UTC or FRA-local time

The following settings are not taken into account:

  • Detail views / index pages (Flight, Alarm, Ground Movement, Swap Candidate)
  • Search criteria in search box
  • Fit Columns function


15.10.2012 - Night Ban Column

Effective October 15th, 2012, we offer you the feature “NIGHT BAN” as an additional information on the main out- bound page of the CSA tool, which displays the current information status of an exemption request for a departure after 23:00 o´clock (night curfew).

In connection with the introduction of the night curfew at Frankfurt Airport between 23:00 and 5:00 hours (local time), we were looking for a solution to make the exemption process for departures after 23:00 hours more transparent and reduce the coordination effort between the stakeholders.

The fact that all parties involved (Aerial Supervision, Air Traffic Control, Airlines, Handling Agents, Tower, Apron Control, ADM / ADO) receive identical status information on their displays, the situational awareness in con- nection with the approval process for departures after 23:00 hours will be improved.

As a prerequisite for displaying the status information in the column "NIGHT BAN" the respective airline repre- sentative must have submitted a request for a departure after 23:00 o´clock with the Aerial supervisory office. Once the request has been accepted by the Aerial Supervisory Office and entered in the Info Plus (AODB) system, the status "requested" appears in the attribute column "NIGHT BAN". After examination and pro- cessing of the application by the Aerial Supervisory Office, the display changes in case of an approval status to "Approved" and in case of refusal to "Denied".

Flights where no application has been submitted or for which a claim has not yet been accepted by the Aerial Supervisory Office, the attribute field will be empty.

On the primary page Outbound, the default view can be extended with the new attribute column "Night ban" on the dialog box "Outbound Attribute Selection". To open the dialog box for the definition column, please move the mouse over the row of column headers, click the right mouse button and select the attribute "NIGHT BAN". Following a renewed login to the CSA tool application, the new attribute “NIGHT BAN” must be selected again in the default view.

Field format of outbound column Night ban:

16.05.2012 - Airport Information

Effective since 22 May 2012 airport-related information (example below) will be provided in a new tab "Airport Information". In addition active runway information and CAT stage will be displayed on the status bar.

This information is intended (in the sense of common situational awareness) to provide you with a better overview of the current situation at Frankfurt airport and provide the framework conditions for the Airport CDM process.

Important notes:

Within the status reports there are two issues concerning the start-up procedure:

  • If your flight requested start-up clearance from DFS tower via "data-link clearance (DCL)" the A-CDM status (SUR - Start-Up Request) will appear in grey.
  • Start-up clearance provided by data link clearance will be displayed automaticaly at TSAT - 5 minutes (Status SUG status - Start-Up Given) in grey.
  • When start-up clearance is given via radio transmission the status messages "SUR" and "SUG" will appear without color coding.

For more information, please refer to the help document ("Help" button) of the CSA tool.