General Information

CSA Tool Description

The CSA-Tool (Common Situational Awareness Tool) gives every aircraft operator or ground handler the opportunity to handle the TOBT of her/his flights. It is the webbased A-CDM information sharing plattform.

New CSA Tool 

The current system will be replaced by a new application (CSA-Tool-NEW) in the night from 01.09. to 02.09.2019. 

The new CSA-Tool will provide the same functionality as the old tool and some new functions. 

Your login user data does not change. The link for the login page will remain unchanged ( 

In the coming days the future link to the CSA-Tool ("CSA Tool NEW") will already be visible next to the existing link. However, this new link is not active until 02.09.2019. Please continue to use the current link ("CSA Tool").

On 02.09.2019 we will change the access to the CSA-Tool. From this time on, the old link will be deactivated and the new link will be active. Henceforward, please use the new link ("CSA Tool NEW") to access the CSA-Tool.

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