Airport CDM Alerts

  • are an essencial part of the Aiport CDM procedure
  • inform all partners about possible problems ahead of time
  • enable smooth operations in case the alerts are paid attention to


Within the process alerting messages are initiated by:

  • Local events and plausibility checks
  • Error / Warning messages during data exchange with NMOC

The display of the alerting messages within the systems will let you know whether:

 A-CDM process for a flight will immediately be stopped or interrupted
The process continues, but the existing conflict has to be solved or
If they are warning messages and get ignored, it will lead to consequences at a later time.

Reporting channels for alerting messages to AO/GH will be:

A-CDM Alerts and alert numbers are harmonised on European level.

Euro CDM Alerts

CDM01 No Airport Slot available, or Slot already correlated
CDM02 SOBT vs. EOBT discrepancy
CDM03 Aircraft Type discrepancy
CDM04 Aircraft Registration discrepancy
CDM05 Destination discrepancy
  CDM06 Non-Airborne Alert (is not used)
CDM07 EIBT + MTTT discrepancy with EOBT
CDM07a EIBT + MTTT discrepancy with TOBT
CDM08 EOBT Compliance Alert
CDM09 Boarding Not Started
CDM10 TOBT Rejected or Deleted
CDM11 Flight not compliant with TOBT / TSAT
  CDM12 TSAT Not Respected by ATC (is not used)
CDM13 No ATC Flight Plan Available
  CDM14 Automatic TOBT Generation not possibles (is not used)
CDM17 TTOT within night flying restriction  
CDM34 Return to Stand notification
CDM40 Flight not compliant with TOBT for deicing
CDM43 Deicing cancelled and TOBT deleted