The implementation of Airport CDM improves the airside processes and utilizes slots more efficiently. This is reflected in a higher outbound punctuality and an improved utilization of resources for all partners involved.

Summarized the measured outcomes of Airport CDM are:

  • Significantly improved prediction and accuracy of TOBT provided by the aircraft operators.
  • Increased efficiency and stability of all TOBT related operational processes affecting a significantly improved outbound punctuality.
  • Improved runway usage and runway take-off flow.
  • Reduction of the impact of delayed arrival on the punctuality of the subsequent departure.
  • Improved utilization of aircraft stands and gates.
  • Improved CTOT adherence.
  • Reduction of ATFM delay due to better CTOT allocation as a result of the DPI exchange with NMOC.

Development of Performance Figures

On time Outbound
Stability Aircraft Stand Allocation/Planning
Target Off-Block Time (TOBT)-Quality II
New: Deviation TSAT-TOBT
New: average number of TSAT per flight
Taxi-in Time (AXIT)
Taxi-out Time (AXOT)
Process Time Outbound
New: Target Take-Off Time-Quality
DFS Take-off Quality