The Concept Elements

Airport CDM is an operational concept built of elements aiming to achieve greater operational efficiency. It is implemented in the airport environment through the introduction of operational procedures and automated processes which realise the aims of the concept elements.

A phased, bottom-up approach for implementation of the concept elements is essential, in order to achieve maximal benefits.

Of the available Airport CDM concept elements, Information Sharing is essential in as much as it creates the foundation by enabling the sharing of information and creating a common situational awareness. In addition, it potentially brings predictability and resource efficiency benefits. After the creation of this information platform, the main priority is implementation of the TOBT by using the Milestone Approach to improve predictability during the turn-round process of aircraft. These two are essential requirements for implementation of the remaining concept elements. With Variable Taxi Time in place, the link between off-block time and take off time becomes transparent to all partners and NMOC, and a proper prediction of the take off time can be communicated towards the network function represented by NMOC. With the pre- departure sequencing function the TSAT can be calculated, providing an off block sequence. With the above four elements in place, the last local airport step is to implement CDM in Adverse Conditions. Using pre-departure sequencing for the situation where different bottlenecks occur enables Air Traffic Control to keep the traffic capacity maximally utilised. With all local Airport CDM concept elements successfully implemented, the airport is ready to connect with the NMOC for Collaborative Management of Flight Updates with the exchange of FUM and DPI messages.