Concept Introduction

Concept Introduction

Airport CDM is the concept which aims at improving operational efficiency at airports by reducing delays, improving the predictability of events during the progress of a flight and optimising the utilisation of resources.

With Airport CDM the network is served also with more accurate take-off information to derive ATFM slots. As more airports implement Airport CDM, the network will be able to utilise available slots more efficiently and reduce the current buffer capacity.

The improved decision making by the Airport CDM Partners is therefore facilitated by the sharing of accurate and timely information and by adapted operational procedures, automatic processes and user friendly tools. EUROCONTROL Airport CDM team is responsible for ensuring standardisation and dissemination of best practice of Airport CDM implementation at European airports. The concept is an integral part of the SESAR program.

The common goals of Airport CDM are as summarised in the diagram below:

Airport CDM Generic Processes are recommended or highly recommended for implementation of the Milestones Approach concept element, as described in the Eurocontrol Implementation Manual. It describes Milestones events, as well as actions when some Milestones do not occur at the predicted moment. The described processes are automated and the objective is to inform Airport CDM partners of inconsistencies of provided information as well as updated predictions of target off block, start up approval and take-off times.

The Milestone Processes are also linked to the Departure Planning Information (DPI) messages that will supply the NMOC with reliable data concerning the progress of the flight.

The outputs of the Milestone processes are alert messages to airport partners and DPI messages to NMOC. Whereas the milestones mark a special event, the process may also be activated when this event does not occur at the predicted time.