Link to the Network

Providing network operations with precise Target Takeoff Times (TTOT) and all changes will ensure the continued accuracy of the network traffic prediction for A-CDM Airports

By establishing Airport CDM information exchange with the Network Operations systems, Collaborative Management of Flight Updates is re-conciliating the network view with Airport operations, closing the loop between en route / arrival constraints and departure planning.

In Collaborative Management of Flight Updates the exchange of information between the Network Operations and the airport is realised by:

  • Sending Departure Planning Information Messages (DPI) from the airport to the Network Operations concerned
  • Sending Flight Update Messages(FUM) from the Network Operations to the airports concerned

Collaborative Management of Flight Updates will bring significant benefits in term of network management and Aircraft Operators and Airports management of resources. It will not only improve the accuracy of the flight information before departure, leading to better efficiency of the ATFCM activity, but it will also open the door to a more collaborative approach to traffic management between the network level and local operations.