What is Airport CDM ?

Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) is an European initiative based on operational harmonisation (EUROCONTROL), technical standardisation (EUROCAE) and mandate of the European Commission (Community Specification).

Airport CDM is an operational process which aims at improving Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management (ATFCM) at airports by reducing delays, improving the punctuality of events and optimising the utilisation of resources.

Airport CDM allows an airport partner to make the right decisions in collaboration with other airport partners (the airport operator, aircraft operators, ground handlers, the air navigation service provider, the Network Manager Operations Centre – NMOC, support services), knowing their preferences and constraints in regard to the actual and predicted situation.

The decision making by the airport partners is facilitated by sharing of accurate and timely information and by adapted procedures, mechanisms and tools.

The Airport CDM procedure comprises the time period from Estimated Off Block Time (EOBT) -3hr untill Take Off, thus the complete turn-round process with its existing sixteen procedure steps (milestones) is considered.


Expected benefits to partners of Airport CDM

All airport partners will benefit from Aiport CDM:

  • Aircraft operators: better adherence to schedule, possibility to express preferences
  • Aircraft operators: more dynamic adjustment of ATC-Slots
  • Ground handlers: improved predictability of turnround operations, better use of resources
  • Airport operator: increased departure and arrival punctuality, more efficient use of stands, gates and terminals
  • ATC: optimised use of airport airside infrastructure, reduced ground congestions
  • NMOC: better adherence to slots, optimised use of airspace capacity


A-CDM in Frankfurt

In April 2008, Fraport AG and DFS initiated an Airport CDM project at Frankfurt Airport. The Project aimed for developing the A-CDM procedure for Frankfurt based on European standards, the necessary system adaptations and adopting A-CDM into regular operation.

After a highly intensive working phase the Airport CDM process has been successfully and on time put into regular operations at Frankfurt Airport in February 2011. Frankfurt was the fourth airport after Munich, Brussels, Paris CDG, which implemented the A-CDM procedure completely including the data link to the network management unit in Brussels and the six A-CDM concept elements.

The implementation of Airport CDM improved the airside processes and utilized slots more efficiently. This is reflected in a higher outbound punctuality and an improved utilization of resources of all partners involved.

The Airport CDM implementation project has been finished by the end of 2011. Since that time the A-CDM responsibilities and support have been integrated into line organization of Fraport and DFS-Tower FRA.


Airport CDM@FRA team

Representatives of the following partners participate in the Airport CDM team:

  • DFS (Tower)
  • Fraport (Aviation Airside and IT-Services)

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