Pre-Departure Sequence (TSAT)

The Sequence Planner at Frankfurt Airport automatically calculates flexible and steady start-up sequences to support a coordinated off-block process. The system has been developed by ATRiCS based on Fraport AG requirements and is fully compliant with the European Community Specification for A-CDM and the national initiative “German Harmonization of Airport CDM“. In particular, it fully meets the requirements for Collaborative Pre-Departure Sequencing (Airport CDM Functional Group 5).

Our Pre-Departure Sequence Planner balances the departure demand with the available runway capacity. In case of a predicted over-demand at the runway, the traffic flow is automatically regulated by generating segregated Target Start-Up Approval Times (TSAT), thereby taking into account:

  • Runway capacity
  • Air traffic flow management constraints (CTOTs)
  • Scheduled departure times
  • Taxi times
  • Target offblock times
  • Position conflicts
  • Tower freeze
  • De-icing times